Apply for help

The Fifeshire Foundation considers applications for help from people
who are in hardship and domestic crisis.

We also consider applications from agencies that support local people in crisis.

Grant applications received through the month are reviewed by the trustees at their monthly board meetings and applicants are advised of the outcome after this meeting.



8 Nov 2019

6 Dec 2019

14 Feb 2020


5pm 25 Oct 2019

5pm 25 Nov 2019

5pm 25 Jan 2020


If you can't make the cut off date, or have any questions please contact us on 027 334 3374.  Or text us and the manager will call you back.  

Online applications are now available. There will be three parts.
1. Apply online. Please make sure you have the time to do this in one go. At this stage, you cannot yet save the form to finish at a later date. Read the application form first and gather together the information required BEFORE you start filling it in.
2. Applicant Support Persons. You need two support people to complete this form. Send them the link and they can complete it and submit it at their convenience (before the cut off date 25th of the month). After you have submitted your online application (Step 1) you will receive an email with a unique ID number, please let your support person know what your unique ID number is so they can add it to their form.
3. Applicant Work & Income Declaration if applicable. You will need to confirm you have explored, accessed and exhausted all other funding options including Work & Income entitlements. We also need to know if you receive a benefit from Work & Income or if you have an outstanding debt to them. Please print the form, complete your details, and take the form to your Work & Income branch for signing by them. Alternatively you can forward a copy of your benefit summary letter or benefit summary and debt summary printouts from your MyMSD online account.

All additional application supporting information can be forwarded by email to

Our application form is also available to download as a PDF or Word document. 

We require all applications to include a budget worksheet, signed by a budget adviser. If you are unable to provide this you will need to put your explanation on your application form, and you will need to provide verification of household income and expenses.  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss this.


Personal needs

We can consider applications for a wide range of items for both adults and children,  such as clothes, shoes, glasses, driving lessons and licence fees.


Household costs

We can also fund household needs such as food (we provide Countdown cards), firewood, furniture, bedding, baby gear, heaters, fridges and washing machines. 


Critical bills

Critical bills such as bond, rent, power bills, or cellphones that are needed for safety reasons.  

All applications for help with power bills must attach a current budget signed by a budget advisor, or a letter to say one will be provided by the meeting date.  Where we help with power bills, we will strongly recommend people arrange regular payments to their power company.

Travel or transport

Important travel or transport, driving lessons or test fees, baby buggies, car seats, bikes or bike seats.  


GP bills.  Simple dental work (such as fillings/extractions) for pain relief.  


Children's costs

Stationery, uniforms, camps, holiday programmes and respite care. Prams, cots, car seats and bikes. 



Organisations that support people in financial and/or domestic hardship. Please provide 2 signatures from your organisation and a copy of your most recent financial statements.


Please be realistic 

We would love to help everyone, but with approximately 35 monthly applications, and a budget of about $13,000 each month, we just can’t. So please be realistic and apply for the priority and the amount that will best help in the immediate situation. You are welcome to call us if you're unsure about your application: Ph 027 334 3374


Applications with no evidence of hardship

We do not fund people who are not in hardship and domestic crisis.  This is why applications must state household income or benefit levels, number and age of dependents, and other relevant factors.  


Applications with insufficient information

Please include any quotes, bills or accounts related to the application, so that we can make an informed decision, and make payments afterwards if the application is successful.  Applications without the necessary information will be returned.

Automotive repair and maintenance costs

We only pay vehicle costs such as rego and warrant when this is the only costs required to move forward. We don’t normally pay for vehicle repairs but may consider this under exceptional circumstances, such as when a legal requirement or to start work or study.


Organisations’ basic running costs

This includes rent, power, telephone, and office equipment.  We cannot fund organisations’ wages costs as these amounts are also beyond our means.  


Things that have already happened

This could be a school camp that has already finished, or an account that has already been paid.  We do, however, help with bills that are overdue or in arrears.


Application process


Download our form and please read it carefully.  You may like to have someone help you fill it in.  You are welcome to include a letter of support with your application. 


Tell us about the need or crisis

Please describe the situation or crisis as much as you feel able to.  Applications are strictly confidential because we know this information may be sensitive. 


Describe the current circumstances

This includes noting the number and ages of members of the household.  Please note any other relevant factors such as health, special needs, housing, work or debts. 


Include copies of bills, accounts or quotes

Your application will be returned if this information is missing.  Please include full information and quotes so that the Trustees are able to make an informed decision, and so we are able to make a payment if your grant is successful.

Individuals must include 2 signatures

Please give 2 signatures from people who support the application, e.g. budget advisor, Work & Income, support/social worker, doctor or nurse, minister, employer, lawyer, teacher or principal. NOT family or friends.  Also, if applicable, please confirm that no Work & Income grants or advances are available. 


Organisations must include 2 signatures

Please provide 2 signatories from your organisation, a resolution from your committee and a copy of your most recent financial statements.

Important dates

Return the completed Application Form by the 25th of the month to the Fifeshire Foundation at

Fifeshire House,  Trafalgar Square, Nelson

or post to

Fifeshire Foundation
PO Box 907, Nelson



We let the contact person know the result a few days after the meeting.  Fifeshire Foundation meets on the first Friday of each month, but there is no meeting in January.