About the Fifeshire Foundation

We are a charitable Trust that gives assistance to local people in hardship and domestic crisis. 

We also give grants to agencies that support local people in crisis.


The Fifeshire Foundation began in 1993

A group of local people set up the Fifeshire Foundation as a charitable Trust to raise money locally to support local people in need.  Since 1993 our aim remains the same, to help people in crisis, and to  help people make longer term changes in their lives.


We support individual and families in need as well as the organisations who work with people in need

We know that many people in our region are coping with things like poverty, unemployment, health crises and domestic violence.  In addition people may be managing to make ends meet, but then face a crisis or an unexpected extra expense and need somewhere else to turn.


All money is raised and distributed locally

Any administration costs are funded separately, so every dollar donated goes back out when we pay for goods and services on people’s behalf.  Nearly all the money stays in the region, because our grants are spent with local businesses and providers. 


Individuals and organisations can apply

People apply directly to us, or an application can be made on a person’s behalf by, for example, a social worker, health provider or school staff member.  Organisations can also apply for assistance if they meet our funding criteria.  


We are confidential and non-judgemental

Our Trustees work with integrity and confidentiality and they assess every application for evidence of hardship and crisis.  All applications must confirm that no WINZ or government support is available.  

Monthly meetings to consider new applications

Each month (excluding January) people apply to us for help with a huge range of needs.  Our 10 volunteer trustees meet on the first Friday of each month to consider the applications and decide how to distribute funds.  


We are practical and independent

At the Fifeshire Foundation we can accept applications for all kinds of things, such as firewood, doctor’s bills, food, fridges, uniforms or car seats.  If an application is successful we then make the purchase or pay the bill on people’s behalf, as we do not provide cash grants.


We are funded locally by wonderful sponsors and donors from our Nelson Tasman region

The Trust has been able to operate since 1993 because of the vision and generosity of a great many local businesses, councils, trusts and individual donors. We also run fundraising events and we apply for funding from local Councils and trusts.


We receive funding from the following sponsors: 


Nelson City Council

Tasman District Council

Manuka Street Charitable Trust

Lone Star Farms

Nelson Honey

Hampidjan NZ Ltd


Zero administration costs COME OUT OF MONEY MEANT FOR GRANTS

Since we began in 1993 our Foundation Manager’s wage has been paid for separately by local businesses.  Nelson Building Society, New Zealand King Salmon and a private Trust continue this tradition today, and receive monthly reports from the Trustees on the Administrator’s activity.  


These businesses freely donate their services and expertise:


More FM donate radio advertising, stationery, post and photocopying

Printhouse does our printing

HotHouse do our design work

netMaetro design and support our website

Pitt and Moore are our legal advisors

NZ Community Post provide postage free envelopes

Sponsor lockup - all sponsors - web and presentation 19.png

Thanks for all that you do!

The Fifeshire Foundation Board of Trustees

The Fifeshire Foundations has twelve Trustees on its board, all of whom dedicate their time and skills to the foundation on a volunteer basis.  We, at the Fifeshire Foundation feel privileged to have such a dedicated and committed team working each month to make a difference to those people in our community that face real hardship and domestic crises every day.  We have a broad range of skills within the group that allow us to make both critical and compassionate decisions. The Fifeshire Foundation Board consists of a lawyer, a former registered psychologist, community advocates, accountants, senior business managers, private trusts representatives, and a medical professional.  This is an enthusiastic and well-balanced team, with every Trustee bringing their own unique skills and expertise to the foundation.


The trustees and manager of the Fifeshire Foundation care about our community.  We are proud to be able to help the cases of hardship we see.  We are fortunate that people in our region donate their time and money because that’s the only way we can provide assistance.

Don Everitt, Chair, Fifeshire Foundation Trust