Locals looking out for locals

20 years of helping those in need

We are a local charity that helps people in Nelson/Tasman with real needs.
Each year we can allocate about $100,000 to local people in need. If you want to know how to apply for help, please click the following link. 

Apply for help

“I’d had a terrible time with doctors’ bills and having to find a bond when we moved house.  It was such a relief to receive $180 from the Fifeshire Foundation so my son didn’t have to miss out on school camp.”
Mother of three. 

100% Effective

All donated funds go to assist people

Each year we aim to raise about $100,000 through fundraising and donations.

Our administration costs are covered by local businesses, which means no donations are spent on administration.  If you want to know how to donate, please click the link below. 


“We're proud to get behind the Fifeshire Foundation.  
It's such a positive way to contribute to our community.”
Rachel and Peter Rait - Nelson Packaging Supplies


Fifeshire Foundation
P: 027 334 3374
E: info@fifeshirefoundation.co.nz
A: PO Box 907, Nelson, 7040
Or leave a message at
Mediaworks in Fifeshire House,
Trafalgar Square
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