Fifeshire Foundation News

Golf Tournament and Auction 12.30pm, Thursday 20th March, 2014

Tickets are selling fast, just $320 for 4 players.

Contact Susannah on Ph 027 334 3374 to register your team.

Our newest trustee is...

Julie Baxendine (above). She has already volunteered to take morning teas to businesses and joined the team organising the 2014 Golf Tournament.

Our new phone number is Ph 027 334 3374

Thanks to Pam Peters and Steve Fitzsimons, owners of Telecom Business Hub Tasman, for donating a mobile phone with free calling. Our new number is:
Ph 027 334 3374 or Ph 027 3 Fifeshire

Thank you for your wonderful donations

We’re sorry we can’t list every donation recently received, but here’s a few examples.

2013 expenditure and applications

This year we paid bills or purchased hundreds of items on people’s behalf - we never give out cash. As well as the totals in the table (left) we’ve paid for shoes, clothing, glasses, prams, beds and bedding, second hand furniture, GP bills, and much more.

Recent examples of people we helped

Go to our website to hear three radio ads, by anonymous people who agreed to share how they’ve been helped.

We want to shout you morning tea!

Susannah recently trawled through our 1993 files, and found the first trustees built up donations by visiting the morning tearooms of many local businesses to seek support.

Locals looking out for locals

We celebrated our 20th birthday at Fifeshire House on August 19th, and launched our appeal: Locals looking out for Locals. We then set up on the Cathedral steps and swapped birthday cake for gold coins, raising $400. Our appeal has been a great success.