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October Newsletter 2017

Welcome to the October newsletter, read more about:
- A reflection on 2016-2017 from the Chair
- Givens Given for 2016 - 2017
- Home by Orange Build for Chairty
- Trustee's Voice
- Dental update
- Charity Surgery
- Thanks to Richmond Rotary
- Super Club Gold Donation Day

Build for Charity with Homes by Orange

Build for Charity with Homes by Orange:

Help support the Fifeshire Foundation by voting online at to win the 'Build for Charity' with Homes by Orange. You can also cast a bonus vote at the Orange Show Home at 43 Hill St, Richmond or their offices at 264 Queen St. Voting closes on October 31 this year. This fundraiser is a good fit for the Fifeshire Foundation as we believe in 'locals looking out for locals'. Homes by Orange will build a $258,000 house on a section in the Katania Heights near Brightwater for cost and donate the proceeds of the sale to the Fifeshire Foundation, Child Cancer Foundation Nelson, and the Nelson SPCA. The proceeds from the auction will go to the charity with the most votes, with the second and third-placed charities each receiving a consolation prize of $1000. So please VOTE for the FIFESHIRE FOUNDATION.

Build for Charity with Homes by Orange.

The Chair's Annual Report 2017

The Chair's Annual Report was presented to the Board of Trustees at the 2017 AGM on the 8th September.